OpenGL crashs

Hey guys

I’ve got a little problem. You know how it is, Quake playing at school and stuff, but the problem is that EVERY OGL app crashs on the school PCs. Dunno why… When I start an OGL program, it always says: “This app has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down… bla bla”. Then, if I click on details it says the error is from a DLL called I81XDD.DLL… The cards are build-in(as far I know) Intel® 810 Chipset Graphics Drivers.

Any ideas how I could get rid of this damn eror??

Thx for any help

Play in software

That is so weird, because that ****ty v-card is the same that I have. If I were you, I would goto and download the latest drivers for it like I did yesterday. If that url doesn’t work, you’ll have to find the page yourself at

Thx, I’ll try )