OpenGL crashes on GeForce2 GTS?


I have a problem with OpenGL. Everyone OpenGL game crashes on my computer. Sometimes a few seconds after start and sometimes a few minutes after start.
For example q3 arena running longer than MDK2. If i create my own OpenGL program it’s sometimes crashes but sometimes not. It is vert strange, isn’t it? What’s going on? I have AMD K6-2 500 MHz processor, Asus P5A mainboard and GeForce2 GTS in AGP x2 slot. I have been checking it on various operationg systems and drivers and it doesn’t help. I hope that somebody knows where can be (I think hardware or driver) problem.

Thanks in advance

check your drivers for your gforce, mainboard etc… sometimes an individual component causes an error sometimes the combination of several components. Check your windows/ OS Setup
do the games crash or only your program
if only your programs then post some code snipplets so we can see what’s goin’ on


I installed a few diffrent drivers and nothing. Win98 is OK too. I checked my programs on other computer and it’s OK.
But on my comp every OpenGL game crashes and every OpenGL program crashes. It crashes a few seconds or minutes after start. It’s not driver and Win98 so what is that? I don’t know what to do…