Recently i re-installed win98 SE to get my cd writer working, and now OpenGL doesn’t work with anything! It crashes as soon as anything tries to use it, no error messages or norhing, i’ve upgraded every driver I can find…

my system is…

64mb ram
via mvp3 mb
tnt2-m64 w/32mb ram


Try this. Go to Start, Run, and type win.ini. Look for a line that reads, DVA=0. Put a semi-colon (;), in front of the line. Save changes, exit, and reboot. See what happens.

If it doesn’t work, and there was a previous video card on this system before the M64, try this. Go to Start, Run, and type regedit. Follow this key string (slow & carefull, don’t make any other changes). HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OpenGLdrivers. There should be an entry for (Default) & RIVATNT. If there are any others, delete everything EXCEPT, (Default) & RIVATNT. Exit, press F5 key, and reboot. Good luck.


tried that and it didn’t help so i formatted and re-installed windows and this worked, thanks anyway