OpenGL crasch

This happens when i try to run any gl application:
“Unhandled exeption in <gl_app_of_choice> (NVOGLNT.DLL): 0xC0000096: Privileged Instruction.”
This is with 44.03 and 55.03 drivers.(I can’t run older ones as they do not support my chipset.) The nvidia BSD drivers work fine with gl but not the Windows drivers witch i think is strange?
Im running W2kpro SP4 DX90b with a Inno3D FX5200 PCI(yes pci…).
Anyone know why this happens or can give me a hint where to look?

If i run for example Quake2 i Windows 98 compability mode it actually runs.
I also tried it with Quake3 and it also worked there. Tried a nvidia demo but it crashed. Still don’t know what the problem is?