OpenGL/Counter strike problem

Hello OpenGL Community. I have a problem that it’s getting on my nerves. I searched all over the internet, and haven’t found a solution yet. You are my last hope :stuck_out_tongue:

So the problem is like this :

I reinstalled windows one week ago, and I installed all my video card drivers, and programs i usualy use. I installed counter strike, because i like it. When entering counter strike, i have no problem, i can play, but after i exit, my screen appears like this :

This is a OpenGL problem, because on D3D and software i dont got this problem. Other games run just fine, i got no problem with them.

Think you can help me ? :frowning:

Do you use exactly the same video driver as before ? Same version, same provider ?

Yes … i even tried with older/newer version…same problem… :frowning:


Try to reset/reselect different refresh rate.

Thank you.

Tried…and the only refresh rate for my resolution is 60 Hz …

Does it happen with other OpenGL games? If so, maybe the GPU gets overheated. Check the temperature, nVidia’s display driver should have that capability.
I’ve seen busted graphics hardware work ‘fairly ok’, but once ‘pushed’ it got worse, and required a reboot to revert.

On other opengl games i have no problem, only on CS i get this problem, might be from their engine, but it worked ok before i reinstalled my windows, and the GPU doesn’t get overheated … it runs at 30-35 degrees, no matter what game i play