OpenGL context without using X11


can i create an opengl context without using X11?

I’m creating an embedded application for a company that need OpenGL render bur i cant use X11 (because it’s heavy and memory usage of it is high) i need an other way to do it

hardware is:
CPU: arm
ram: 128MB

Are You planning to have hw rendering there?
If not you can try mesa(swrast)+wayland.

Most linux opengl propretriary drivers are X drivers: they implement GLX and pull all X11 dependiences. There are some hw drivers (some even open source) which can work with wayland or android instead of x11 (some mesa drivers can do that).

Which display server does your system run? Does it implement the GLX protocol? Is the hardware even capable of acceleration or do you need a software fallback?

I really don’t think any sane company would base a product on something as experimental as Wayland.

For embedded systems you may be better off looking at OpenGL ES and its platform interface layer EGL, see