OpenGL configuration in Windows 7

Hi Folks!

I’ve been into OpenGL to make a small game and it’s been 3 days non stop into it.
I got good familiarity with OpenGL. My machine is Dell 1537 with windows 7(32 bit version). I’ve Borland Turbo C++ 4.5 version and NetBeans. I want to make my ground strong in OpenGL. So, I want to dive into it with C. I’ve read lots of stuffs and done a lot and kinda tired a lot but I’m still trying to configure it. The main problem is being unable to include any OpenGL library in the program. I’m now using the Borland IDE as it is quite good. So can u please suggest me any sure shot way to configure OpenGL with C in my machine…?

Thanx in advance…!

Turbo C++ 4.5?! That is from the stone age, it only generates 16bit (Windows 3.x) code.

Do yourself a favour and either install mingw:

Or Visual Studio Express + Windows SDK

Also make sure you have Glew

Then follow the NeHe tutorials

This should already provide some help

With VCPP 2008 and 2010 Express you don’t actually need to install the Windows SDK as it comes with the IDE downloads; that advice only applies to 2005. Code::Blocks is another good IDE, but I personally find the debugger in MSVC to be far superior to anything else out there, and as a good debugger is a vital part of any toolchain - especially when starting out - that’s the one I’d recommend.

Otherwise, yes: get rid of the Borland thing.

I’d recomment the nuwen distro:

It comes with GLEW and other stuff you might want.

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