opengl colors


Does anyone have a chart that tells what the RGB mixes are for colors?? I’m using floating point ie:

glColor3f(1.0, 1.0, 1.0);

I know the primary colors but i need the mix for gold, silver(gray will do) and some others.


Just look in a painting software(windows paint for exemple). There is always a place where you can get every possible colors and they give you their RGB values.

Just find your color and modify your components like this :

glComponent = componentvalue / 255.

i see you and other people post the same questions here (beginners) and into the advanced section of this message board.

no problems about issues, i’m glad to see how many people do R&D about opengl as a hobby or for work.

I, and i believe others, read normally the beginners and advanced sections, so if some help can be given, it will be post.

in fact, in my opinion there’s no particular reason to have two different sections about the same topic…
i saw people post beginner-rank questions into the advanced section, as it’s true for the opposite.

my request:
can you avoid to post the same questions here and there?

it’s not that i think it’s wrong: after all, it’s like commercials, the many they are, the more probability an answer will be.

but, i would prefer to keep things in order, especially when it’s time to get some references: looking in one place is faster than looking in two.


sorry, i wanted an answer fast and thought this could double my odds

I’ll try and and keep it to one board