OpenGL classes & wrapper classes

Does anyone have any links to any good tutorials on OOP coding with OpenGL?
Or any handy hints?
It’d be good to have an idea of the kinds of classes & hierarchies that other programmers have found useful, and a little insight into their design.
Any & all help very appreciated.
. doug.

OpenInventor is a scene graph API that was built on top of OpenGL, I believe. You might want to hunt that down and see if you can get source code.

I’m building my own class library, but I’m new to GL and have no idea if I’m doing things the most optimal way or not. When I finish my first project and feel comfortable with the code I may post it here.

I was wondering the same think. I just designed my own classes to deal with the rendering complex objects but I would like to see how others do it.

check out dave eberly’s library. you can find it here .

Yep, that is one fully featured library. There is a similar one at…I think it’s called the “prophecy sdk”.

Depends on what you want/need, I guess. I’ve got a lot of C++/OOP experience, but not much graphics/OpenGL. Therefore, I’ll probably consult their code when I’m struggling with graphics concepts.

I’m personally going to continue building my own - I don’t need most of what they have in theirs and I want to learn this stuff myself anyway. Their libraries are so fully-featured that I know I’d get overwhelmed in the details, much of which I don’t need at this point in my graphics “career”. Your mileage may vary.

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You could try the Mcad utility at It has a class library for C++.