openGL can it be web-based???


i have created a standalone application using 3D max 4 and openGL api with MS VC++. But i have decided that i want this application to be on the web as i want more user interaction … is this possible?? if so can you tell me how and where i can find more info. If possible i DO NOT want to rewrite my code … i don’t mind adding more coding?? what lang do i use XML, HTML do they support openGL ???

There is an extension to Java to support OpenGL.

Your other approach is to write a custom ActiveX control and embed it in your web page. You need to write one control per browser/OS combination, though, which kind-of puts a drain on your time.

Also, as a veteran ActiveX control with OpenGL writer - and a newbie to java (currently working on a Java project right this moment) - I would say that its quicker to learn Java\Java GL than to learn how the **** to get an active X control up and running properly.

I would agree with Robbo. I don’t know how to use Java and GL for Java but having done several ActiveX controls that used OpenGL, I can say that it wasn’t easy at all (main problem wasn’t GL of course…).

That being said, it is possible to do it too…



I’m doing an ActiveX with OpenGL and as you said it’s really **** to get something “working fine”.
My current problem is when you press F5 on IExplorer , it resfresh the page but the ActiveX isn’t relaunched from beginning.
Has anyone an idea?

So to shortcut lots of problem due to ActiveX and OpenGL I create a Thread that manage OpenGL separatly.
Switching Context everyframe independtly from redraw function (that allows to get synchro with ActiveX extensions all the time.)

But As you said, Java is easier (better in time and problems occurences).