OpenGL C++

Is there a C++ wrapper thats very close to the normal C OpengL api? Ones I have found are really outdated. :frowning:

Why would you need one?

Because I hate using C :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you looking for an object-oriented wrapper that encapsulates the functionality of OpenGL into classes or a simple wrapper around a drawable context that you can then use with standard OpenGL calls?

If you are seeking the latter then you may wish to consider gtkmm and gtkglextmm which provide a good solution for C++ and OpenGL as well as good integration with the underlying UI. I believe that Qt from Trolltech also provides similar functionality.

This is really strange, as they are both actually the same :slight_smile:

not really perce. Since C doesn’t have a stricter conformance. No class/struct objects. It does have struct but it’s different from C++'s. etc

My point was that I don’t imagine anything useful coming from creating a C++ wrapper for OpenGL calls (I am fully aware of differences between C++ and C); to be honest, such wrapper is really pointless in my eyes. Can you provide me with a link to that “outdated” ones, I would really love to have a look at this curiosity.

Yes I use OpenGL with Qt. And this one is.