OpenGl + Borland C++ Builder + fullscreen

Anyone know how to set a fullscreen mode in borland c++ builder? windowed mode works great, but i haven’t figured out how to set fullscreen

Any ideas?


Use the ChangeDisplaySettings() function.

ugh That was not what i wanted to hear

Saw in an earlier discussion something about true fulscreen and (well) false fulscreen…

I prefer the true fullscreen option.
BUT will i be able to set so called true fullscreen in *nix? (ie. XFree)
If not, then i guess i’ll have to stick with the fake one, hehe.

Any comment on this?


First of all, there is no such “false” or “true” fullscreen modes. If an application uses the full screen area, it’s a fullscreen app. But glut does not provide any functions to change the screen resolution (at least of what i know … i’m not using glut). So, if you want to change screen resolution you have to use the functions provided by you OS. However, i don’t know what the Unix/Linux etc functions for this is …

Are you sure about this? I come to think about DirectX and it’s windowed mode vs. fullscreen. windowed mode is usually much slower then fullscreen, even if i maximize the window. And how about the mouse cursor and such? Does DirectX just disable it?

Would be glad to be enlightened about this.