opengl borland c++ builder 6

I’m trying to use GLUT in borland builder 6 but everytime I try to compile I get this error >> [C++ Error] glut.h(146): E2337 Only one of a set of overloaded functions can be “C” << it appears at this line of glut.h. Any suggestions?

extern _CRTIMP void __cdecl exit(int);

Just comment it out.
The function “exit()” is declared in <stdlib.h>.

P.S. After this, You’ll get link error “Unable to open GLU32.LIB”.
Then, you must also comment out following lines
59: # pragma comment (lib, “winmm.lib”) /* link with Windows MultiMedia lib /
67: # pragma comment (lib, “opengl32.lib”) /
link with Microsoft OpenGL lib /
68: # pragma comment (lib, “glu32.lib”) /
link with Microsoft OpenGL Utility lib */

Modify glut.h, save it as “glut_bcb.h” or something, and include it.

Use the standard <cstdlib> header file instead of <stdlib.h>. The standard C++ headers put everything in the namespace ‘std’ so you avoid name collisions.