OpenGL best IDE

Hi all

I’m a beginner in OpenGL world and I want to know what is the best IDE for developing OpenGL on Windows. Remember that I want to use a free IDE for starting OpenGL develop. Thanks in advice.


OpenGL is an API not a language itself. Thus, it depends on which language you’re using.

If you’re doing C++ on Windows you’ll be hard pressed to find something better (or cheaper) than Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

For creating the windows and setting up the OpenGL context, don’t do it manually. Use a library like SDL (or GLFW or SFML) to create your window and context.

Thank for yours replies, so I think the best way for implementing OpenGL API is use Visual Studio.

I used Microsoft Visual C++ at work for many years. It was quite satisfactory and improved with each release. At home I use code::blocks on an imac. MVC++ on Windows is WAY better than CB on the mac.

In an interesting move by Microsoft, they broke out the code editor from the rest of the IDE and made it freely available, for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

I use Eclipse… for C/C++, MingW & JAVA, libGDX.