OpenGL Beginner's Book for VC++ programmer

Can anyone please suggest me a good beginner’s OpenGL programming guide in VC++ environment?
Also my specific problem is: Users should be able to pick up 3D points in space. By reading those points, I should be able to construct geometric objects. Is that possible with OpenGL? Please anyone let me know.

The OpenGL superbible!

red book

he’s using vc++ so, he’s probably going to do a lot of windows programming. If you are using X you would probably always use glut, thus redbook is the thing you would need =D. But the superbible teaches you glaux, and setting up a window using windows code, and explains it to ya. So make your decision! =D

Hey hehe !!!

I’m sorry, that’s wrong.
The SuperBible (2nd edition) uses GLUT and The Red Book uses the aux-library. That was the reason for me, to buy the SuperBible.

I don’t know about old versions of the red book, but the third edition (gl 1.2) uses GLUT all the way…

yep, the thing you want to do (dragging points around) is somehow possible. i think this is described in the opengl super bible. and yes, the 2nd edition of the super bible uses glut rather than glaux.
and it contains also some chapters about win32 and opengl.

all in all its a very good book for learning opengl, as a reference it’s not terribly good (imo), but hey, windows programmers have the msdn, right ?

Hi all,

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.

I git my Superbible this weekend. =D

today when i check the book opengl superbible in, i found that there are 2 books, one is “Opengl Superbible : The Complete Guide to Opengl Programming for Windows Nt and Windows 95”, and the other one is “OpenGL SuperBible, Second Edition (SuperBible)”, can u suggest which book is better?

Hi !!
Here`s a link for the first edition superbible :
its free !!

Buy the Suberbible:
The second edition has it all:
Glut + Win32API.
They only thing I miss are more details on the math involved and it doesn´t really explain what math happens “inside OpenGl”.
Anyway it is THE OpenGl-book…


I already have the 2nd edition (much better than the 1st edition).
About the math - there`s nothing complicated…

Yup you´re right there is no complicated math ´cause the math behind things isn´t explained.What I wanted to say is that they don´t explain what´s going on in OpenGl for example:How does OpenGl calc its texture-mapping?