OpenGL Basic Shapes tutorial

I’m not sure if posting tutorials is the best thing to do here. The developers forum is supposed to provide a platform for discussing concrete problems.

Perhaps there should be a forum or stickies for this type of information and useful (and up to date) web sites. I know when I google I often find what I think is a good code example only to find out later that it has been replaced by new better OpenGL code.

Not that I want to discourage you but somebody beat you to it by about 15 years.
Look at
and if you look at each tutorial, they have the code in multiple languages and IDEs.

and there are many such sites that show you how to draw a triangle or cube or torus.

These days, what is needed more are tutorials and examples using the modern features of GL since the ARB doesn’t release an SDK like Microsoft does for their API.

Hi guys, check the link out and leave a rating or a comment.