OpenGL Based GUI Kit?

Hey People of OGL ADv,

Does anyone know of a good OpenGL based freeware GUI kit? It seems every game nowadays re-invents the GUI wheel in OpenGL, it would be great if there was a decent lib out there.

Yes there is: glut

Look on this site at dloads.


You can also check out GLOW at
I haven’t done much work with it yet personally but it looks pretty nifty. Anyone try it out yet and if yes, what do you think?

Possibly I wasn’t clear. I want something that doesn’t use GLUT, aux etc or any other GUI kits that actually rely on MFC or Motif etc. A GUI kit that has all it’s widgets written in OpenGL. Like any game nowadays that has pull down menus etc but all written to be displayed full screen in OpenGL, not in a MFC or Motif context.

To possibly explain better the effect I want is like a Star Trek transulcent overlay GUI over the 3D scene.