Hi there, I have recently bought a system which is P4 2.8GHz, 800MHz FSB, HTT etc,
PALIT Daytona Geforce FX 5600,
I have windows XP, DX 9.0b, 1 GIG of PC400 DDR ram (running at Dual Channel)
Gigabyte GA-8PENXP board.
Ok, so when I run any game which uses OPENGL, after a varying time (approx 5 to 10 mins), the screen goes blank, monitor switches off and PC locks up!)
Please help!
I disabled the support for enhanced CPU instruction sets in display properties and the games no longer crashed, but then I had no real OPENGL lighting did I??
I would be grateful of any help guys!

Which driver version are you using? Did you try 44.03 from the NVidia website?

Thanks for replying AL_BOB, I have all the latest drivers for my system ( Motherboard, bios, chipset etc, my Video Card Driver is currently the latest one from the PALIT website, it is version 4471.
I have tried using the Detonator Pack 4403 from NVIDIA, but this does not remedy the problem :frowning:
Games that crash (as described previously):
Quake 3, MOHAA, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Neverwinter Nights

Games tested that work fine:
Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Unreal 2.
Hope someone has a solution before I take PC back to where I got it.

I forgot to mention my system has on board AC97 audio, and serial ATA HDD via Silicon Image ATA controller, maybe this affects OPENGL??

----I disabled the support for enhanced CPU instruction sets in display properties and the games no longer crashed, but then I had no real OPENGL lighting did I??
I would be grateful of any help guys!----

That happened to me but only on Win98. 2k and NT are OK. I dont use XP.

I dont think any game out there uses opengl lights. They all use light maps.

Maybe you should use some program to test SSE and 2D now! instructions. Google for benchmarks.

I have a slightly different system and the PNY 5600 but I am running into the same exact problem. Anyone have any ideas?

i have a similar problem
i odwnloaded zoo tycoon demo and it works fine
but some action games stop on the main menu and theres squares
somone lpease help

I have exactly the same problem. My PC crashes during every OpenGL-Game after some minutes. Please help!!!

I just wanted to add that I am having the exact same problems discribed by BREW. I haven’t been able to find any way to fix it. I have tried the obvious, newest drivers, etc. Any other insight would be great.

Athlon XP 2100+
Asus A7V8X board
512 MB PC2700 DDR ram
PNY Geforce FX 5200

Have you considered a heat/power problem?

For heat, remove the case of your computer and put a fan blowing right into the case… then play your games.

If lockup, consider additional cooling.

I don’t think it’s a heat problem. I played Morrowind with the highest Details and everything for several hours and it didn’t crash. But Warcraft 3 crashes even with the lowest Details and 640x480 after a few minutes.

I agree with GHOST. My first guess was heat too. So now I run the computer just like you mentioned, case off with huge-a** box fan pointed in. No effect on the OpenGL games, they still crash. I also ran the Mersenne Prime searching program. Where essentially this number cruncher just slams the CPU and the memory. The CPU and MB heat did climb, but not outside of excepted bounds.
I tried doing what BREW did (…disabled the support for enhanced CPU instruction sets in display properties…). All this did was delay the amount of time (~20-30 min) it took my OpenGL game to crash. By the way the OpenGL game that I am having particular trouble with right now is Jedi Academy, in case anyone was curious.

Yep, I am having the exact same problem…
I have tried the following:

Reformat (twice)
Both Detonator and Omega drivers
VIA Chipset update
BIOS Update
DirectX Update
tried updating to SP1 with all addons…
tried not updating to SP1 with all addons
Cleaned all dust out of my graphics card fan
Reseated my memory
Reset my bios (three times)
Lowered my FSB
Reseated my graphics card

I am running

Athlon XP 2700+
Volcano 9
GeForce 4 TI 4200 128 MB
KT3 Ultra2

If anyone is interestet, this is my Computer(forgot to send it last times): Athlon XP Barton 2500+, 2x256MB DDR-SDRRAM (Infineon) running on CL3-3-3-8, Palit Daytona nVidia GeForce4MX440 8xAGP 128 MB, MSI K7N2GL. I have the newest drivers for everything.

If anyone is interestet, this is my Computer(forgot to send it last times): Athlon XP Barton 2500+, 2x256MB DDR-SDRRAM (Infineon) running on CL3-3-3-8, Palit Daytona nVidia GeForce4MX440 8xAGP 128 MB, MSI K7N2GL. I have the newest drivers for everything.

Everyone, I found this in another section of the forum. I went ahead and tried rolling back to OpenGL 1.3 drivers and that seemed to do the trick for me. No more crashing. I have tested it too extensively yet. So if you can go ahead and try out these older drivers and see if that solves your problems. Let me know what you find out. Thanks.

“I posted this on another opengl area but I thought I would pass this info on this one too. OpenGL 1.4 does not work with XP (or does not work period). I hve XP and I had the latest drivers (which 1.4 was installed too). I decided to install earlier version with version 1.3 because all my games worked on it before. Viola. MOHAA and Alice works beautifully. So copy this link to install NVIDIA drivers from the archives. Choose the one that mentions Open GL version 1.3(1?) and it should fix a lot of the problems.
Hope this helps?” -YoMAMA

I tried to do it. I nearly destroyed my hole computer when trying to delete Detonator 45.32 (Never use "Driver Cleaner 1.9!!!). It will probably take a bit till I have solved that problem. I will tell you whether it works as soon as possible.

Can anybody tell me how to delete a Detonator completly?

Did any of you notice that same thing you all have in common? I used to have the same problem when I had my nvidia card as well. Now I have a radeon 9700 pro and it never locks up. Ever. So if you really want to fix the problem with open gl go ATI. Radeon has better benchmarks anyway.


Maybe microsoft has released some kind of bug disguised as a patch which causes windows to crash when opengl the biggest and strongest rival to directx runs. By the way i have am athlonxp 1800 with 256 mb ram & 40 gb hard disk withan on board 3d accelarator card of just measly 8mb vram, but all my opengl games run just fine. Your problem cannot be as simple as just a driver problem, what you should do is use windows default drivers , i.e you guys should first uninstall you pride that is your 3d accelarator cards, remember uninstall but not disconnect them from your computers, use microsofts default opengl32.dll for running opengl apps in this case games. then run your cool games uncooly i.e at 640X480 resolution, see if that heat up a thing little bit and go on to increase the resolutions and other settings as you feel like. Once you have ascertained that the native win32 dlls work fine with your games without installing the 3d accelarators cards driver, repeat the same process again after installing the respective accelarators card drivers, again if possible (and this definitely a must for win xp users), initially use the default driver that win32 shows you for your respective 3d accelarator card, and hopefully you should be able to play your games.If you do succeed the second time in installing your 3d accelarator hardware using windows/win32s default driver, i.e the driver that windows automatically uses for your respective 3d accelarator, then proceed to testing your 3d hardware for the second time and your pc for the 3rd time ( no i am right look, first you test your pc with your 3d hardware uninstalled so the 3rd test for your pc is the second for your 3d hardware, got it? ), by installing the driver supplied by the corresponding manufacturers of your 3d hardware, and please dont use updated drivers, use the original drivers and for those have updated drivers, if you havent gone loony, then you can proceed with the fourth test, and mind you i am not kidding you. But please do bear in mind, that after windows 98 se all oses supplied by microsoft are nothing but a step towards ultimate world domination ,-) LOL, but seriously use win32 i.e windows 98 se if possible because all the latest versions of windows and basically NT , after all after ME win98 line is dead and xp and 2003 server are basically user-friendly variants of NT, will attempt to hog your entire computer resources and for those who have norton 2003 internet security installed can also verify that almost each and every application (even one such simple such as Ms Photo editor)by microsoft tries to access the internet network oops the internet (he he he sorry!!!), So win 98 se is still the best (and i think i will be switching back to dos). And Linux is definitely an attractive to option to the do all thing yourself type, which also includes me.Mail me but not junk mail me @
Bye for now and i am very serious about the above mentioned test and way of testing, please remember testing/debugging is a very time intensive thing and DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BE RUSHED, so if anyone chooses to try out above mentioned instructions,please have one thing first of all “PATIENCE” and if you have been reading till this far, then i for one definitely have some faith in your patience ,-)LOL AND I AM NOT A MICROSOFT HATER BUT I DON`T LOVE IT EITHER.