OpenGL BackBuffer

is it possible to get OpenGL BackBuffer’s HDC?
if it is, how do I get it?

Not really. The HDC is tied to the whole rendering context.
Why would you need that?

to draw simple text using WinAPI or do some stuffs with BitBlt, for an example.

OpenGL is designed to be a stand-alone graphics library for the purposes it serves. It has a lot of features, which allows a wide variety of applications to be written on top of it.

For text rendering you could have a look at the different options here : . Some of them are really easy to use.
For blitting operations, you can use OpenGL’s pixel path (but it is rather slow; usability depends on what you’re doing) or a screen-aligned textured quad (maximum flexibility (blending etc…) and performance).

Bottom line : GDI and OpenGL generally don’t mix.

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