OpenGl auto generated texture coordinates

I got no response in the beginner forum so I am posting it here…

I am using GLTexGen and GL_OBJECT_PLANE so OpenGL will automatically generate texture coordinates for my model. This works.

My question is:

When I translate/rotate the model, do I also need to translate/rotate the planes in order to have the textures stay with the model?

Wow, nobody has any ideas on this? Doesn’t anybody use GL_OBJECT_PLANE when autogenerating texture coords?

Why haven’t you tried, it’s a 50-50 chance without knowing the spec.
No, GL_OBJECT_PLANE and GL_OBJECT_LINEAR are working on (spec cite) “vertex coordinates which are presented to the GL”, so called object coordinates. There’s no matrix involved in the calculation
g = p1xo + p2yo + p3zo + p4wo