OpenGL Applications crash or lock my system up

Simply put, any application(non game) that uses OpenGL, such as model viewers or cad/modeling programs, either crash on use(pc still active) or locks the system up.

System Specs: ----------------
Athlon 950mhz
648mb sdram
Geforce2 GTS 64mb
DX 8.1
Latest Manufacter Drivers for the video card DX dialog mentions nothing wrong with any files.

How can this problem be solved?

what was

Have you tried getting the latest drivers from nVidia? Sometimes OEMs don’t update their drivers very often, even if the current drivers have known bugs. I imagine a manufacturer wouldn’t even bother with drivers for a product as old as the GeForce2 (old on a computer graphics hardware scale, that is).

Well my pc was all custom built… no oem parts, and I’ve kept all the proper drivers that fit the hardware profile…

and its any application that uses OpenGL excluding games… they run fine on the system. Anything from OpenGL shockwave presentations to mdl and md2 viewers