Opengl App Wizard?

Has anyone though of writing an opengl app wizard for visual studio?

If nobody has already done this, then maybe we can all knock are heads together and suggest what options, ideas and standards it should have?

And thus make programming a little easier

(especially for opengl F! why isnt it working people like me)

D3D already has afew wizards it’s time to strike back!

“Sound of a drum rallying the troops”

I dunno… I’ve always been a bit suspicious of appwizards. Throwing out reams of code without understanding what it does is just storing up trouble for yourself.

Also, remember that whereas almost all DX programmers are using VC++, this isn’t true of OpenGL. Some use other Win32 compilers, some use Mac or Un*x/Linux, some write to abstraction layers like GLUT or SDL or wxWindows. Wizards are no good for any of those people.

(Personally I do use VC++, mainly because I like the debugger, but none of the wizard features. If the next VC release STILL isn’t ANSI-compliant then I’ll probably bite the bullet and switch to something else. I’m sick of shelling out large wads of cash for a “C++ compiler” that doesn’t actually compile C++, just offers me 20 new ways to make my programs nonportable.)