Where can I download the OpenGL 1.3 Library Files and Header Files Etc… It’s NOWHERE on the OpenGL webpage. Is it out yet? If it isn’t where’s 1.2 Library, it’s not here either…HELP!

They don’t exist. Microsoft have only released 1.1 .h and .libs and it doesn’t look like they’ll be releasing anything more recent in the near future either. To get around this problem, download a glext.h file from SGI, NVIDIA, or ATI and you can get function pointers to 1.2/1.3 functions exported from the dll. This is also the way you use OpenGL extensions. If you want more information, search this board and the advanced board for topics like “wglGetProcAddress” or “extensions” or “1.2” etc. You can also check out and you should be able to work it out.

Hope that helps.

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