opengl api and extensions' documetation

how can i can get all opengl api and extensions’ documetation ,like MSDN?

have a look into the opengl extension registry

I checked

and could NOT find any static libarary that I can use to call glSecondaryColor3b

“Based on the extension headers, Intel has created the GLsdk library to ease use of OpenGL extensions, by providing a static library containing wrapper functions for extensions which otherwise must be accessed by use of wglGetProcAddress on Windows and glXGetProcAddressARB on Linux.”

Also, I downloaded from

my program crashes when call glSecondaryColor3b

anybody know why? (my card is Radeon 9600)

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[b]have a look into the opengl extension registry [/b]

Hello guys!
I have the same problem:
when i call any of the glSecondaryColor3*() functions it crashes my application. I have an Radeon 9800 Pro, working on linux with ati-drivers 8.12.10 and i am using the GLEW library to load the OpenGL extensions. I have no problems with the vertex- and fragmentshader extensions (for example) which i use too, i can also read the GL_CURRENT_SECONDARY_COLOR_EXT value with glGetfloatv() (value is {0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0}), but any attempt of calling glSecondaryColor causes a segmentation fault :frowning:
Do others have the same problem? Is this a driver bug? Or is my gfxboard flawed ?! Or must certain OpenGL state variables be set/unset before it’s allowed to set the GL_SECONDARY_COLOR?

Please, if anyone could help or shares the same problem, reply. I am slowly getting desperate about this ****in’ glSecondaryColor, but i need it so much for my fragment shader :frowning: