OpenGL and XP - this worked for me

Like everyone else i was having trouble with opengl games and xp on my old tnt2 card. I had tried everything, so many different driver versions it wasnt funny. I was sitting at work today and thought to myself, what if this problem was ‘administrator’ related and not just ‘driver’ related. So i downloaded the latest beta version of the Detonators (28.90, refresh rate fixed) from Guru3d, and also the Refresh rate fix program. I then restarted my pc in safe mode, logging on as administrator, and then installing the 28.90’s and the refresh rate program. restarted my pc, run the refresh rate program and restarted again. tried jedi outcast, MOHAA and quake 3, all worked perfectly… hopefully this may help some else… cheers

Can you either Send a link to the site you got the D/l from?