OpenGL and WPF - still a problem?

I have an existing C#/WPF application where I need to render thousands of 3D lines a second for complex wireframes. WPF has no native ability to do this with decent performance. I need to overlay menus and text above the wireframe and get mouse-clicks on that region. Someone on another forum suggested OpenGL.

This thread on seems to suggest that it’s not very easy and may not even be possible without relying on horrible hacks. But the thread is from 2010 so maybe things have improved since then? (although since that thread was written Microsoft has stopped supporting WinForms, which is another reason to avoid it, besides the difficulty of overlaying WPF on top of WinForms. OpenTK is based on Winforms.)

There’s some code on CodeProject called SharpGL but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 2011 and I saw a comment on StackOverflow saying it’s got a memory leak. My company’s project needs to be robust and professional since it’s for the aerospace industry so I’m a little reluctant to rely on something that’s unsupported or that was just written for a student or hobby project.

Is there a robust way to use OpenGL to meet my needs or should I be looking at Direct3D?

Thanks in advance.

I hope this gets an answer because I also would like to know that. Thanks.

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