OpenGL and Windows XP x64

How do I install opengl 2.0 or better on windows xp x64, this is the one thing I need to get working for my 3D programs. I have
x2 dual core AMD 4800+, 3 gigs ram, ATI 1950 pro agp, all drivers are new, OS is new install on new hard drive.
3D apps say I have GL 1.1 and I need at least 1.3 or better.
Have ask MS and they say to ask ATI and they say they support GL 3.0 with the newest drivers Cat.8.9 and then ATI say that its an MS problem. I dont know where to look any more, I have been looking over the web for a week now trying to get this to work and get back to work. A friend said to ask to guru’s here at OpenGL for my answer. My program is Poser Pro x64.
Any help would be greatfull.
Thank you for the time you may take

The OpenGL implementation is included with the graphics card drivers from the vendor. Try this tool to see if it detects the OpenGL version you need:

If not, try reinstalling the drivers and/or windows.

I did get glview and it says I have opengl 1.1, did my video dirvers 2 times and windows is new install already, with all updates. Just cant figure it out. Cant find OpenGL api or installer to update my GL as well, any hints?
Thank you for your reply

this may sound stupid but are you downloading and installing 64bit drivers?
maybe those top notch drivers will help: