OpenGL and WinApi components

I have an OpenGL programm with some WinApi components (button and editfield).
But I have a problem when the program work in fullscreen mode and I draw the mousecursor.
When the mousecorsor is over the components the cursor stop drawing and the cursor is behind die components.

How can I use it?

Are we talking about the windows mouse cursor here or do you use homemade stuff to draw cursor ? the normal mouse cursor would not end up behind your control unless there is something very wacky with your computer.

When you put controls on top of an opengl window you need to makse sure that you have the WS_CLIPCHILDREN and WS_CLIPSIBLINGS are set, but this should not have any effect on the mouse cursor.


Yes, in fullscreenmode I use homemade stuff to draw cursor and I want to draw the cursor over the windows components.