OpenGl and win2000

How do I get opengl drivers for my win2000. glsetup doesn´t work for that.

Ditto for me, Dying to play Quake III Arena.
Mail me when you know… )

Same here, GLsetup hates win2k.

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email me if you would.

I had the same prob.

I have a voodoo 3 pci so if u have the same then u r all u have to do is follow the win2k driver links from

if not then i sudgest going to the site of ur card manufacturer.


I just installed Win2k Pro… and i have a amd athlon 700 with 128 RAM and 32mb TNT 2 M64… and i cannot find … or get working open gl ANYWHERE!!!
If there is any generous person out there… please help!!! It is only for counter-strike that i can;t get it working… plz help

What vid card do you have, if the card supports OGL then just go to web site of the chip maker and D/L the newest W2K drivers. that should work.