opengl and web

I’m going to make a simple 3d app. in a web page. Since I’m been using ogl for several years I would like to stay with that.

My question is simply: is there any way I could use ogl (3d) on the web?

If: is it fast enough and where can I find source, examples, urls etc?

If not: what do you suggest instead, director etc?

there is a way to get it to work using an ActiveX control. search this forum or google for OpenGL and ActiveX.


Ok, thank you.

What about using ATL object?

IIRC, the ATL component would probably encapsulate an ActiveX control.
You’ll find some interesting things here (look for “OpenGL ActiveX” demo)

It is also possible to get OpenGL running in an applet. The obvious benefit is that your website will be accessible to non-MSIE browsers.