OpenGl and Vsync not working

need help with this problem, on my fx5900 rig(using 56.64 drivers) in games like MOH:AA, RTCW jedi knight 2 etc… vsync does not seem to work on win XP. I’ve tested several different refresh rates from 60>>85 but my FPS stays between 95-100. Under windows ME vsync and opengl games work fine. Any ideas whats going wrong? BTW all my drivers are up to date and I’m using SP1.

Uh… huh? You want to lower your FPS? You want to raise your FPS?

I want vsync to work dammit, my fps stays between 95-100 fps no matter what refresh rate I set in opengl games, DX game are fine. With vsync not working I’m getting a flicker in opengl games.

There are TWO places where you can enable/disable v-sync.

a.) Inside the game
b.) Inside the driver (this one can overrule a.)

So where did you enable v-sync?