OpenGL and Voodoo 2

I`ve got the following problem: I coded a small Engine (Just some walls with the same Texture). When I go through it, it jerks very hard. I think my processor renders the Application. My question: How can I tell OpenGL to use the Voodoo 2 card?

the easy was is to use sdl
btw u need the latest drivers for the card
does quake3 run well?
if so then u have the drivers if not then get quake3 working first

i’ve been working with voodoo2 for >3 years and what i do to make it working is to copy all driver files like 3dfxvgl.dll to (assuming you work on windows) windows/system/ and then rename 3dfxvgl.dll to opengl32.dll overwriting previous opengl32.dll file
i don’t know if its proper way to deal with voodoo2, but i don’t know any other

and one more thing i don’t really know why but OpenGL+voodoo2 crashes quite often on my computer - it happens with no matter what demo/tutorial from no matter what site mostly when pressing keys (espacially when closing OpenGL, but not always) - that happens ~(1 per 100) runs

last problem with voodoo2 is i’ve never run anything using glut library on my computer - ok, sometimes i’ve seen something on upper part of the screen but mostly it crashed when starting .exe, so i never download demos using glut

if anybody knows the answer for why it’s like that would be great too

No! Do not overwrite the OpenGL32.dll in the system directory. If you want to do the rename hack, put the renamed file in the directory with the application that needs it. Or if you do overwrite it, understand that the Windows software OpenGL renderer will no longer work, nor will any other OpenGL implementation without it being returned to normal.

If you want your application to create a context on the Voodoo 2, the best thing to do is link to the 3dfxvgl.dll explicitly at runtime. Also make your application explicitly link to OpenGL32.dll when you want to use a card other than a Voodoo 2 (or 1).

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Oh please guys. Do yourself a favor and just go on ebay and buy a 30$ geforce2 card.

I only speak from experience, my Voodoo2 is long since removed and collecting dust.

The drivers to get OpenGL hardware acceleration are found in

These worked perfectly with my Banshee.