Opengl and VC++ 8 Beta question..

I have never used anything newer then Visual Studio 6 and am feeling a bit lost with this new interface (to me anyway). When setting it up to work with Opengl what happened to the equivalent of project/settings/link/ Object/Library Modules? Specifialy I am trying to work through Nehes Tutorials. I already miss VC++ 6 but it is time to move forward I guess;)

Perhaps you are better off asking this in a forum/newsgroup that is related to the product.

I cant see how this has anything to do with OpenGL.

well i haven’t used visc++ 8 beta yet but in 7.1 you goto ‘project’->AppName properties->linker->input

you could also make it easier and just use for e.g

#pragma comment(lib, “opengl32.lib”)
#pragma comment(lib, “glu32.lib”)

if you are using gl.h and glu.h

I would stear clear of visc++6 …it is typical MS and doesn’t follow standards, the later visc++ do a much better job.