openGL and TNT2.

Hi, my computer constantly freezes when I compile stuff that imports openGL. I use an old p2 266 with a Riva TNT2 gfx-card. Is there any conflicts between openGL and TNT2 or something? I tried downloading openGL 1.4 to no avail, still the same problem. The freezeups are very random and occur sometimes immediately and sometimes after several minutes within program execution.

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Simon, Sweden

This may not be OpenGL related. Does the problem manifest itself when running D3D?

I can remember of some problems the TNT family got on some mobos. Basically the TNT is too much power - hungry to be driven ONLY by the AGP power. Some mobos could not put on the AGP enough current to keep the chip up.

If I am not wrong, it was a problem with an Asus family, but I am not sure…

It’s been a while since I used this setup to play games and the like, but I don’t remember experiencing any problems with openGL or any commercial products… First I thought that it was Borland c++ 5.02 that caused the freeze-ups, but the problems still persist when I run my programs out of bcc-context. I also downloaded the 3D-modeling software Blender which to my knowledge relies on openGL and, yes sirie, after playing around with it a bit, the system froze.

There’s no doubt that openGL gives my computer severe diarrhea, but why?! Well, how should you know? THis is just therapy for me. I’m doing quite a large assignment for school and must’ve restarted my computer 50 times now. Gaaaaaaaaaah!

Hi !

Until a few weeks ago I as using a TNT2 card without any problems both on Windows XP and Linux RedHat 8 without a single problem.


Havn’t you overclocked your GPU, VMEM overclock leads to artifacts, GPU overclocking to freezing But actually TNT2 are pretty good for their gen, even now some programs with heavy texture managment runs well on TNT’s and won’t roun on Intel&ATi’s cards.

Check your processor cooling :-o)))