OpenGL and the Myth of DirectX Backward Compatibility

I also use the onboard sound and the USB which is not in use right now and a Kingston KNE110TX Network Card. Where did you get your geForce3 Drivers From?

came with the card ,
you should be able to dwld it from their site
was your ATI AGP as well?

my gf4 card is PNY
I think i saw yours was asus.
there is some slight differnces

well bro ,
i wish you luck , I’m not too sure whats going on there , my guess is the drivers have a problem with win98SE, since it works fine on XP, of course a Manufacture isn’t going to say sh!t about it.

have a good evening

Ok all here I have the resolution and it works fine no lock ups and no black screening here is the fix very easy but who would have thought of the Adapter Refresh Rate I was reading this document about the geForce256 different card but same problems at (“

Not update the VIA AGP Drivers
But who make your card update the card drivers to the latest NVIDIA Detonators (This is my theory)
And change the refresh rate to Adapter Default. For some reason Nvidia has problems with refresh rate kind of like the Trident 9680 had the same problem in Windows 95.

I believe that the Refresh Rate is the problem with all the Nvidia cards.

I am working great after 40 – 50 hours of trouble shooting and 10 reinstalls I am Gaming my ass off in Windows 98 SE now as far as Windows XP, Windows 2000 And Windows ME I would look in the same area as the Windows 98 SE Resolution.

Good Luck all and tell me if this works.

Oh before I forget the resolution that I gave you guys works with DirectX 6.1 - 8.1 and as far as DirectX 9.0 I read a article on the net and it stated that 9.0 is a beta in only ATI RADEON 9700 Pro is supported by the beta and furthermore there are no games as of now that can take advantage of DirectX 9.0.

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I began this thread. Needless to say I was interested to try changing the refresh rate to default as recommended above.

Unfortunately, changing the refresh rate to default in no way affected the problem as described in the opening to this thread.

Any other ideas?

Yes I am sorry that I totally took the focus off the thread you had posted and after reading your problem I will say DirectX 9.0 is not for you that is a beta and was writen for ATI RADEON 9700 Pro for testing no other card will be supported as of now. I also noticed that you are running Windows 98 is this the second addition or first? If it is the first you may want to upgrade to the second I feel that is your part of your problem. Also I have 98 Second addition and a FTP Server I could ISO it for you and you could download load it depending on you conection speed.

I’m using Win98. I have a copy of Win98 2nd Edition, and have tried using it to see if the above described problem would go away. It didn’t.

Thus far, I’m limited to using DirectX 7.0a for the ELITE simulation program.

Have you tryed using Adapter Defaults for the refresh rate. And all so Windows 98 SE is a better fit for Nvidia geForce Cards. Nividia problem lies within the refresh rate they can not read Optimal it is in all there drivers. I just switched to Nvidia I have been a ATI fan all my life and to tell you the truth I see no difference in performance but at least ATI sees that there is a problem with the VIA chipsets and they put out drivers just for VIA wonder why Nvidia does not do that nor do they post there refresh rate problem give the refresh rate a shot and see what happens.

I see that you have already tried the refresh rate idea but you did this with Windows 98 first edition there is one thing I forget to mention geForce4 MX440 recommended OS is Windows 98 SE - Windows XP. So what I should have said is do a fresh install of Windows 98 SE and then download the latest NVIDIA Detonator Drivers and then use the Adapter Defaults. Windows 98 SE is the more stable than Windows 98 and make sure you have the full version not the upgrade as we all know upgrades cause problems. I know this will work I had a similar problem and it worked for me. Sorry I did not read you tried the Adapter Refresh Rate nor did I see you where running Windows 98 First Edition…

I have a GeForce 2 MX 400, running Windows 2000 and I’m having the same problem DaleP is having. I definitely know that it’s a problem with OpenGl trying to use the video card. Because directx runs without a problem.
Does anyone know when nvidia will release new drivers?

I’ve installed the latest service pack and the latest nvidia drivers.

I had a geforce2 MX200 worked fine, upgraded to a 32 MB MX400; nothing but problems and crashes from the start. It is a problem with the video card and windows XP pro. Have friends with same problem