OpenGl and SDL with Pentium 150


I own a P1 150 Mhz Laptop, wich I whant to use to program SDL and OpenGL API, not to play with them etc. only to write the apps. I installed SDL and SuSE with Mesa on my laptop and I tried to compile the SDL OpenGL Nehe Lesson 01 on it. It compiled without an error message, but when I started it, there is a message: Video mode set failure (or something) Whant went wrong ? Cant I execute a OpenGL sdl program on an old laptop with modest hardware?? Even when the Chips and Tech. Graphicscard don`t support 3D, it should work in software render mode … or is it impossible ?? The screen mode are correct, 800 600 16bit color .
Need your help

I can’t say what’s wrong. I think it should work. You could try GLFW instead, which is a portable OpenGL toolkit. It has been designed to take care of many things for you (like, usually you do not have to bother about details about video modes etc - as long as you have > 8 bits).

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