OpenGL and Poser

Is there anyone who can tell me if Poser 4 uses OpenGL for rendering operations?

I think the vendor of Poser 4 could answer this question… just try to ask…

(caution! brute force)
try this:

rename opengl32.dll in your system directory, and then start poser4.
if it still works, it’s not using opengl.

(dont’ forget to change the name of the dll to opengl32.dll after this test…)

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[This message has been edited by AdrianD (edited 06-06-2002).]

I don’t believe that Poser uses OpenGL directly. I asked the author once and he said that they’d licensed some library from Viewpoint that gave them hardware accelerated rendering if it was present and software rendering if it was not present. Note that Poser does not require OpenGL or DirectX to be installed on the host system to operate.

You can figure out what libraries a binary links against by using the “depends” utility that comes with MSVC (even the cheap “standard” version!)

It even lets you follow dependencies, so if A.EXE links against B.DLL, and B.DLL links against C.DLL, you can figure that out. It’ll also show you which symbols are imported from each library.

That would work with exe’s using static binding, but programs that load and bind at run time wont show it in “Depends”.


If you want to know what libraries/plug-ins are loaded at run-time, you need to get the module list for the process.

The easiest way to do this is to attach to the process with your debugger, and then use that to display loaded modules. In MSVC (since we’re talking about Poser) you do this from the Build menu -> Attach to Process; then choose Debug -> Modules. Yes, you can attach to processes even without a symbol file for them. You can do a similar thing with the CodeWarrior debugger on MacOS (or, for that matter, gdb, or plain procfs, on *-ix).