OpenGL and OpenGL ES UI rendering library open sourced

Hello all,

I am announcing the open sourcing of a UI rendering library for OpenGL (2 or higher) and OpenGL ES (2 or higher) has been open sourced under MPLv2 (Firefox, Adobe Flex and LibreOffice use this license; it allows both static and dynamic linking with no obligations). The library is available at:

Some key features:
[li]Written from the ground up for batching [this is highly necessary in the mobile world where the CPU’s are much weaker than desktop][/li][li]GPU font rendering for scalable text under a variety of algorithms.[/li][li]Brush: imaging and gradients[/li][li]Filling and stroking of paths[/li][li]Ability to augment and customize drawing with user defined GLSL shader fragments[/li][li]Ability to create own transformation hierarchies that work with built in UI items (text, images, paths) and user defined UI items (if they follow WRATH conventions)[/li][li]and more.[/li][/ol]