OpenGL and Nvidia TNT2 Pro is all ****edUP

All of us are having the same problems…I once played a DVD then my PC hangs. I use to play Half-life too in OpenGL but then it locked up and needs to reboot. But then I tried running HL in D3d and it worked…but its too damn slow. I think installing the old drivers may do the trick but I’m not sure of that. It’s like I wanna get my money back COZ TNT2 sux.

The TNT card is not the problem. At least it should be working. Some ATI, SIS youll never get to work. The problem is often mobo or OS depending. Its hard to get it work with an AMD with a via chipset. Its hard to get it work with WinNT, Win2K and millenium.
First of all check you WIN.ini if you had a line called DVA if you have the line give a reply.

Actually I have AMDk62-500 and a MVP3 (with VIA ) board with 64M RAM…Would it be the problem? I guess so. What solution can you suggest by the way? FYI, I just bought this card recently. When it was newly installed, It worked fine with the driver with it…I was amazed. but when I upgrade to Detonator 3 damn! It got out of control, my PC hangs all the time, Can’t play VCD/DVD with sounds, can’t play HL…Now what’s Wrong?

1.First of all run WIN.ini and see if you got this DVA line

2.If you doesnt got the line Do a uninstall of your detonators and do a new install of the drivers that following your card.

  1. If it doesnt work yet. Install the openGL
    drivers supported by this side. Remember force the install if you been prompted.

4.If it doesnt work yet.
Make sure the AGP is set to 1x and aperature size half of your ram memory. In the bios.

  1. If it doesnt work yet, install the via 4-1
    drivers( but not the turbo mode
    and just 1xAGP.


I don’t have any DVA in my WIN.INI. I already set my AGP aperture to half of my RAM as you said. ANd I can’t FInd the DRIVERS from Via ( I don’t know if they moved their site ) still can’t worked it well. I 'll keep trying to fix this, you’ve been a lot of help for me. Thanks man! Do you got more tweaking suggestions??

Sorry got you a bad Link.

But before you download: try to uninstall
your detonators and do a new install of the original drivers wich follow your card.
Start the computer in safe mode and uninstall
the detonators. Do a restart and install your originals.