OpenGL and... NT... imagine that.

Problem: Running Half-Life (Counterstrike really) on a P3-500 with 128MB ram (sounds ok so far) and then enters the S3 Savage4 Pro (32MB)

Now… I’d really love to download the latest drivers with GLSetup. I’ve tried. Hell I even downloaded the program for the heck of it. But it’s useless with NT and dispite what their website says, I cannot find any references to downloading getting GLSetup (or similar) for Windows NT.

But then again, should I even be HAVING this problem with NT? Isn’t OpenGL native to NT? I’ve gotten the absolute latest (3 different latest’s that is) drivers for the video card. We’re running SP6a for NT 4.0 And dispite my obvious skills (ok, I break even) and good ping (T-1 here) playing Half-Life in Software mode is VERY VERRRY depressing. I’ve searched Dejanews, S3’s site,, Diamond’s site, Valve’s site.

Any help? Any?

Th best help I can give is to run Half-Life in Direct3d mode. I’ve just about given up on Opengl support for the Savage4 card myself.