opengl and nividia help needed

ok here’s my problem. all my opengl games ran fine, till i installed the new nvidia dirvers, gforce tweak utility, and nvmax. now when i play them they load fine, but then they crash a second or two after the games get going, and i have to shut it down to unfreeze it, i get an average of 60 to 70 fps at the moment of this lockup. so i dont think graphics settings are to blame. i ve tried many different drivers for my vid card since the first initial freeze, and set and reset all possible settings. i even tried to download an older glsetup, but no matter what i do opengl games lock up at instant of gameplay, while all other games (not running in opengl) all run smoothly. please help with this terrible problem, thanx
my specs are as follows.
amd 600mhz
384mb ram
nvidia gforce 2 mx
windows 98se
SB live 128
4x cd rom

can someone please help?

The problem is most likley directed to you not knwning what kind of “tweaks” you applied.

i guess i should have mentioned that i didnt tweak anything untill the problem was discovered.

I am having the same problem.
G4 Ti 4600
Amd 1.33
384 ram
I updated amd chip set drivers.
It did not help.
The game counter strike is what i play the most and it will run in 3D but not in opengl for longer than 5 minutes. It will run at a steady 71 fps. Then black screen and repeating sound. Only way to get out is reset button. Hope some one has some help for us both.

yes, me too, because i have tried everything u can imagine to fix the problem, except the system restore disks ,i’m thinking that the problem is between opengl and nvidia drivers, funny how my opengl games used to work untill i downloaded those dang drivers!

I did a format and restore and started all over and open gl still crashes .

that sux, and also how do i get into my bios, i hit delete when i reboot but windows just starts up anyway?
did u do a quick restore or a full restore?

if a full restore, does not fix it, it almost has to be hardware failure, “vid card”, i would think, but i’m no brainiac, so i could definatly be wrong! also full restore will delete everything on a pc that wasnt installed when u bought it.

someone please, help? i tried everything short of full restore, and still opengl crashes! what else can it do?

Usually when you have the hit delete a lot of times to get there. It never works for me if I just click it once, so I click it about 10 times.

I was having the same problems as you all, then I changed something. I disable AGP 4x mode and I don’t freeze like every 2 minutes now. Usually and hour or so, it helped for some reason ;/

i have done a reformat and a full restore and it still crashes, what a bummer

CompUSA gave me a new G4ti4600 today and i used it all afternoon and did not have one problem. This is the only thing that worked. I updated all my drivers made sure the irq was 11 and no conflicts. nothing ever helped but the new card is working fine with a straight install. Hope you can get a new one as easy as I did.

u guys do know that there is a patch out for the half-life game…cause its a common problem that it crash after likte…5 mins?

i dont remember the error message…but its something whit overflow…


Right-click on your game executable, select the compatibility tab, and
select “Disable visual themes” and your problems should be solved.

What this did for me : I was having the exact same problem with Neverwinter
Nights. As soon as a 3D model loaded, it crashed, black screen, and even
corrupted my XP user file. I am using an nVidia Ti4600 on a P4 Intel
motherboard. After I disabled the visual themes, everything worked like a

Extra note : some games have multiple executables so make sure to select all
the pertinent exe’s for compatibility mode.

I hope that helps some of you as well.


After only a few minutes the problems have come back. It seems they are just intermitent and I was just lucky for a few minutes. Sorry to get any hopes up. This is really pissing me off.