OpenGL and Multiple Monitors

I am running a Windows 2000 dual display system with a GeForce2 and a Voodoo3. I am using EnumDisplayDevices with CreateDC to create my HDC for OpenGL rendering on the secondary display. This does not seem to be working though. Either SetPixelFormat fails, or the program runs in unaccelerated fullscreen, no matter which device is designated as the primary.

The purpose is to run an accelerated OpenGL app on the secondary monitor, in either window or fullscreen mode. Does anyone have advice as to how to accomplish this? I know the Voodoo3 won’t do accelerated windowed OGL in any case, but it should handle fullscreen.

Hi, NoahBrickman!

There is another way to complete such task:
You can try to load OpenGl dlls manually.

If you try to load opengl32.dll than Windows try to use so called “Default” OpenGL and it will be GeForce.

If you try to load 3dfxvgl.dll(3dfxogl.dll, etc.), than you get 3DFx OpenGL.

Yours, Mad Max.