OpenGL and MFC

Hey everyone. I’m still kinda new to OpenGL, not to coding though!

I’ve developed a basic class for my 3d models, but it’s getting to be a pain to manipulate the file by hand and I’m only working with 6 faces and 8 vertices!

Anyways, my question is this. I want to develop a basic application that supports multiple viewports, like in 3d studio max. One viewport for the front, one for the side, one for the top and one for the perspective view. Could someone please point me in the right direction to get started? Thanks!

I’ve coded an OpenGL enabled MFC View class which can be used both in SDI and MDI applications. You can find the last version at while a former version is at in their respective OpenGL sections.

To have maximum flexibility you can start with an MDI application such as the demo project included in the articles however you should also investigate the use of a SDI application with multiple glViewports inside its client area.

Alex “Flappy” Falappa