Opengl and MFC

Hi i want to animate a colored cube in a MFC view (cause i also use a CFormView as a menu).

I use the myView::Draw() function and not the myView::Paint() one.

I have a problem, a depht buffer problem… I can rotate around my scene but the 6 faces of my cube are not visible, i can’t see if its a cube or not.
If i don’t use colors and if i use light, the problem is not appearing…

I would like to have all my cube with no alpha. I use only glColor3f() and not 4f, i use also glDisable(gl_blend) but it doesn’t work.

The problem is like if some parts of the cube were transparent (alpha channel) but i don’t use alpha in my code.

Is it because i use MFC application? should i use a winapp instead of a view class derived ?

Thx for help

Hello, can you post your code here ?
Blending errors are frequent with the Depth buffer, such as with glDepth test, we need more informations to help you