OpenGL and MDI

Hi, been sometime since I was on this board (ok a very long time- 1year!) but I need help now I’ve restarted my programming.

Right I’m making a small level editor but it wont really be for making levels obly editing and converting for my own use really. Now I wanted it to be quick and easy and help my java so I am using GL4Java and JBuilder6. You C++ programmers please hold on as maybe you can help.

I want an MDI interace to allow several openGL windows to be open at the same time giving different views such as 3d/2d, textured/lit/wireframe etc. I am using JDesktop with JInternalWindow and JGLAnimCanvas(?). Is this possible? I can’t get my head around how GL4Java works…

Would it be easier just to split up the screen using only one window. It does make things easy but not as good or flexible I guess.

Another related question: Can you use openGL extenions with GL4Java if so how?

Any ideas what so ever?

Thanks Tim.

Hey Tim!

Welcome back.

Sorry I can’t help much with your question. Most of my Java experience has been creating console apps, and I’m not at all familiar with GL4Java.

I think I will just split the one window- it will save a lot of hassle, and the aim of this game (bad pun!) is quick and easy development. The editor wont be used to make much geoemetry, mainly fiddling for special fx, sound, lighting etc…