OpenGL and Mac OS 9.1

I recently purchased Fly!2K for the Mac and installed it on my G4 which is running OS 9.1. The program (1) does not sense the presence of my graphics card and (2) will not run even in software graphics mode, and the tech support folks for the program tell me that it is because there are problems with OpenGL and OS 9.1. They even suggested trying to run the program without OpenGL, but of course it won’t run that way either.

Anybody got some insight into this problem?

There is a discussion in the Mac section of this site dealing with Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. A couple of us can not get OpenGL to initialize. I have tried every software fix I can think of without any results. I have had a suspicion from the start that OpenGL or the game itself was not seeing my Voodoo5 card but instead was trying to initialize the on-board RageIIc chip. I too am running OS 9.1. Maybe we need to go back to 9.0.4 until a fix is found? I have tried everything and every tech support and discussion forum on the web. I am going to go back to OS 9.0.4 and if it works, I’ll let you know.