OpenGl and laptops - error?


I have a big problem. I wrote a screensaver on my PC and it works just fine. But it doesn’t want to work on my friends laptops
(Toshiba SatelitePro PII633 64RAM and ACTINA 1.1Ghz 256 RAM).
I tried to run other template OpenGl programs but every time I get this kind of errors:

OPENGLAPP caused an error: invalid page in
module <unknown> przy 0000:00000001.
EAX=00000000 CS=017f EIP=00000001 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=81915ee0 SS=0187 ESP=0067f740 EBP=0067f774
ECX=0067f754 DS=0187 ESI=69000000 FS=298f
EDX=819157dc ES=0187 EDI=6900cdca GS=0000
Bajtów w CS:EIP:
01 00 00 00 04 70 00 16 00 e4 09 65 04 70 00 65
69008528 00000000 0067f754 690044a8 00000000 00000000 69008eff 6900cdcf 69006844 00000000 69000000 81915ee0 69006719 0067f93c bff7ddd6 69000000

Is there a way to checkout what is wrong?

Thank you for your time,

You should post the GL_RENDERER and GL_VENDOR strings

I can’t get glGetString(GL_VENDOR) and glGetString(GL_RENDERER) because the error comes up rigth away when I start the program.


Does anything openGL work on that laptop? You need to know if the chipset in the laptop even supports openGL.

It could also be he needs new drivers for the laptop.

The regular Windows OpenGl screen savers work. So it looks as it should work


Well, if you can’t give the GL_RENDERER string, give the name of the graphic card (look with DXDIAG, or another tool). Or, at least give the model of the laptop.

If it’s a 4300 Series, it’s a “S3 Savage IX Graphics Controller” with 8MB internal video memory.

don’t dream about OpenGL with a graphic card like that …