opengl and intellisense

can anyone tell me how to turn on intellisense in visual studio .net for use with glut for opengl programming? I already have glut installed on my computer, but it would be very handy if intellisense could be turned on instead of having to lookup the names of the functions all the time.

I think it just has to find and parse the headers, so make sure it knows about the paths to them etc. (it should) and rebbuild the project with browsing information. Look at project settings under “Browse Information” there should be a /o <filename> option.

I could be way off here this is really the wrong forum.

I use Whole Tomato’s Visual Assist, it’s a lot more helpful and consistent w.r.t. picking up stuff like this especially for C++ code. If you like advanced editing features like intellisense then you will not be able to live without Visual Assist once you try it.