OpenGL and GeForce Problems

Hi all !

I’ve just found a problem with my hardware and OpenGL, and i need help !

First, this is my hardware :

MB = ABIT KG7-Lite ( Last Bios, Last AMD AGP Drivers, and Last VIA Drivers ( without AGPVXP of course )
CGX = LeadTek GeForce 2 Pro ( 64 Mo ) ( for the moment latest nvidia beta drivers, but i test it with the lastest nvidia official drivers, and there are problems too, under linux i’m using latest official drivers )
SOUNDCARD = Creative SBLive Player 5.1

I have currently make some test on Win98, and Linux, and there’s problems on the two os, exactly the same problem, so i will just discuss about my test under windows.

In fact, since some months, i start developping OpenGL applications, and, i start too play with Quake3 too. But i’ve noticed that my quake3 freeze ( hard ) after a short period ( random number of minutes ) and my OpenGL applications freeze the box, after some minutes too.
So, first, i have think about a overheat problems, but next, i’ve started to play with HalfLife, Unreal Tournament and Max Payne. And when i play HL and UT with DirectX, no freeze at all ( same things for Max Payne ) but when i choose OpenGL for rendering the Game, it freeze, exactly the same situtation than Quake3.
So, i can say that it’s a problem between my computer and OpenGL, but which one ???
I have searched a lot of informations about this “bug”, and i found ( on some web page ( geforce faq, etc ) or in some forums ( like this one ) that if we set AGP 1X, it can solve the problem. NOT FOR ME ! it freeze too !

Someone, please, help me !

thanks in advance

You have an odd problem there and seems to me you have tried the essential stuff. If you make a simple application ( a square in the middle of the window) does it also crash.

Im assuming you get the same problem windowed or not.

Try other OSs too if you can, but Im thinking that you have a hardware problem.


First, thanks for your answer.

So, yep in fact with my own applications, the crash occured after several launch of this applications ( i just test it under Linux ).
For the games crash, i have test it windowed or not, and i always have the same crash. ( In fact, my screen become black during 1 sec and after that, some weird lines with random position and color appears on the screen, and during that the sound loop. ( a hard freeze ).
So you think, it’s an hardware problems, i think you’re right, but i can’t explain why applications like games or demos work with DirectX, but crash with OpenGL !
And i can’t believe that a Microsoft API can be more stable thant OpenGL

thanks, if someone have ideas …

hey that is the exact same problem i have, except that i have a gf4 mx440!

how did you solve it?

hi japs !

I knew that i’m not the only one who have this kind of problem.
japs, try to download NVMax and to set your AGP to 1X ( it’s silly i know but maybe it will solve your problem, for me it don’t work )

Anyway, i hope i helped !

bye bye

Same problem aswell!!! Useing GeForce 2 MX400 64 MB. unreal tournament freezes after a while and needs a reeboot. I was thinking about changing the card to a Geforce 4 MX440 but obviously im going to suffer from the same problem. ARGGHHHH!!! Any Sugestion

I found that this happens on some mothersboards and some chipsets if you (or the driver) enable AGP fastwrites and/or Side-Band-Addressing.

I havent investigated it in detail but it seems to happen mostly on VIA based motherboards (seen it on some Intel based ones as well though).

Forcing your AGP slot to work in 1x mode (which will disable FW & SBA) using the Bios seemed to help in some cases…

Its not an OpenGL issue its a driver/hardware issue.

“And when i play HL and UT with DirectX, no freeze at all ( same things for Max Payne ) but when i choose OpenGL for rendering the Game, it freeze, exactly the same situtation than Quake3.”

something is odd indeed! Have you ever overclocked your video card?
I dont know but maybe a certain part of the chip used by opengl is screwed???


Yep, really weird

But no overclocking at all ! I am against overclocked hardware, so i don’t know !

ok, my problem is related to this subject, i think,. My specs are : amd 600mhz,384mb ram, gforce 2 mx 64mb. i have RTWC, MAXPAYNE, GTA3, QUAKE 3 ARENA, etc. all these games ran good till i installed the gforce tweak utility and nvmax,( to get gta3 to run smoothy), which one of these programs came with another lil program called nveiw, which is for twin monitors. now all the OPENGL games freeze up instantly, but i get no errors, meanwhile all other games running in DIRECT X run fine. I have read somewhere that OPENGL games cant run in twin monitor mode, so i disable “twin mode” and still freezing, can anyone help??

I have this exact problem, except it also occurs in DirectX. Turning off ‘GL Extensions’ in-game for those that are based on the Quake 3 engine seems to delay the problem, and turning off ‘Enable Write Caching’ also delays it, but it still occurs. Hard lockup with horizontal and vertical lines and looped sound after a random amount of play. I actually E-mailed Leadtek about this (I have a Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 Pro 64MB-5.5ns DDR) and they just gave me an RMA form.

I hope it is not an AGP bus speed issue, because my motherboard only works at 4x.

I have the newest BIOS for my motherboard, newest reference nVidia drivers (29.42 as of writing), newest Intel chipset drivers, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another one with similar problems, using :
Asus V8170 GeForce4 64mb DDR / ECS K7S5A / AMD 1400mhz on WinXP Pro. Latest everything.
I’m not a big gamer, so i only had this on the one game i play - Unreal Tourn GOTY edition… Can be anything from first map to 10 maps into the game [always LAN games] and i get a hard freeze, reboot required. Noticed also that during this freeze it’s not just the video subsystem frozen, the box cannot even be ping’d over the network, no traffic leaves the box at all [can see on the switch]. Audio seems to die just before the freeze, like quarter of a second before, a sort of crack sound from the speakers… And again nothing in the event logs or the game logs, the game log actually stops “mid word”…!

Just thought I would chime in. G4 Ti 4600 Amd 1.33
SB live value
Same problem as every one else.

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I’m staring to think that The G4 seris is a big piece of $hit. I’m having the same problems too but I have talked with everyone the maker of the card and maker of 3 different games and mircosoft too

I have the same prob with UT (but not JK2 or Renegade), those have a different problem (see post Graphics Glitches).
UT just freezes when i go to run it in opengl mode.

Duron 1Ghz
VIA KT-133 Mobo
Geforce2 MX400 64MB

Okay I used to have that problem with two
different mobos an old FIC 503a and my current one, an ABIT kt7a. Both have VIA chipsets.

The tweak of slowing down your AGP card speed
from 2x or 4x to 1x worked in both cases when OpenGl games crashed. Installing the via driver and selecting the standard mode ( NOT turbo) worked. Also going into the BIOS and slowing down your AGP speed helped. Both times I had Win98se in my rigs. Since then I have upgraded to XP pro and all seem to be working fine. I have all the newest “official” updates from mobo BIOS to via chipsets.

My sys specs:
Abit kt7a ver 1.2
256mb ram
900mhz t-bird
Abit Siluro GeForce3 ti200 64mb
Snd Blstr Live value
pci modem
DVD decoder card
firewire card
cdrw, dvd, 40gb WD hd
winXP pro (with all the patches they post every other bloody day!)

I’m not using Nvidia ref drivers, but the Abit ones. ALL my openGL games work and I have the AGP at 4x. Via drivers all enabled, no slowing down agp drivers junk.

Try this forum I found some clues there way back when…

Lots of discussions on all subjects.
What have you tried lately? Have you fixed your problem yet? Sorry I can’t be of more help but know that not all of us have problems with VIA and OpenGl.

Live well,