OpenGL and Gaming

Aight well whenever I run a game or a graphics intense program for more than 15 min the game freezes for a sec then kicks back up with the graphics being fried. It looks like this…

That game is Day of Defeat but it happens with any game using OpenGL or Direct3d. Now for the good stuff…
System Setup:
AMD 2600XP +
Windows XP Prof (Updates and Packs installed)
Asylum (BFG TECH) GeForceFX 5600 256MB AGP
MB is a ABIT NFS-7
300Watts of power to the board

More info: There are no PCI cards installed, only the AGP card. I got the PSU fan spinning, 2 case fans, the processor fan, and the fan on the motherboard all running so I doubt heat is an issue. Case temp runs a smoothe 64 degrees inside. Card is on IRQ 11 and it is the only device on that IRQ. I have no clue what is causing this and have been troubleshooting it forever! Please share your thoughts

Ok well that didn’t work fo the image so I think i got it now… here ya go

Sounds like a heat problem… try opening your case and putting a fan blowing directly into it.

Of course, it could be that your card is already fried and needs replaced.